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Silver Sirena is now on eBay!

Here’s to making progress on that list of goals for 2020! A couple of the items I’ve checked off my 2020 Vision Entrepreneurial To Do List are upgrading my website here and getting a new post office box closer to home. I’ve had lots of fun cleaning up and updating this blog and site. The new post office box is easily accessible on pretty much my everyday route. I also really like how more professional it will look as a return address on my packages. And obviously the privacy is a big factor. No need for my actual home address to be on my outgoing packages. Any and all Silver Sirena official business will now go through this post office box. Just a little something to put my mind at ease. Both of these feel like big little steps to getting my empire to where I’d like it to be.

Another goal I had for my 2020 Vision was to expand to more platforms. Currently I am selling on Poshmark, Etsy, Mercari, and Depop. Each particular platform has a somewhat curated collection depending on audience and in many cases shipping costs. I had been thinking of joining eBay but was really intimidated by the fees, shipping, and customers. I’ve spend some time studying and researching, still on the fence. One day a couple weeks ago, it was like the universe was yelling at me EBAY BITCH! So many posts on Instagram about why I needed to try eBay and why it was better than other platforms. So late one evening, like when all good ideas are developed, I said to myself , fuck it, let’s do this and downloaded the eBay app. No, I didn’t even have an account to shop. I’m pretty lame, I’m aware.

So far, I really only have a handful of listings on eBay. The platforms I”m currently selling can be a bit restrictive with categories that is part of what drew me to eBay. The more options and selling categories the better! It is likely I will not ever have hundreds of active listings on eBay like I currently do on Poshmark. But eBay will be a place to list those items that just don’t fit in on one of my other platforms. Or if I feel it might get more attention on a worldwide platform. Or just some really special piece. Still playing with it and going to have to learn through trial and error. Grateful to have the opportunity to learn and grow. Dropping a few photos and links below of my favorite eBay listings so far:

So here we go with the eBay thing. I’m still selecting items to list there. Likely will be items cross listed from my Etsy shop. And maybe this will encourage me to delve more into vintage and antique hard goods and decor. Areas of the thrift store I already love! Now I’ll have a spot to share all my finds with you.

Now tell me…What have you checked off your New Year To Do List? January is about done in a few hours, (finally!) and February is a short month. Lots to do, lots of items to check off that list. Let’s get to it! Let’s kick little February’s ass!